The project


The Minutes

Of the Russian National Sub-committee Meeting

November 20, 2001.

Were present: Karelina I., Vasilevich A., Shljamin V., Naryshkin S., Alexandrova Z., Nikanorova I., Vladimirova T., Ivanova E., Mikhailova N., Evseev V., Klimov O., Martynov A., Selivanova E., Khazova E., Yasneva E., Belova E.

The materials of session were handed to Laptev V.

The agenda:

1.Elections of the co-chairman

2. Website of RNSC

3.Meeting with Marta Plichta


Item 1.


Karelina I.: Reminded that there was directed “Proposals for chairman election and participation in the work of SC and MC”. According to the Rules members of SC and MC must be different, that means that two co-chairmen of RNSC should be elected. Therefore, it’s suggested to make corresponding changes to the Article V of RNSK Rules.

Decided: to make corresponding changes to the Rule as following: " 2 co-chairmen (selected from representatives of North-west regions Administrations for the term of 1 year on rotation principle). Co-chairmen are directed as the members from Russian Federation to MC and SC of the Interreg Programme.

On concrete nominees and rotation principle - acted Shljamin V., Alexandrova Z., Ivanova E., Naryshkin S., Selivanova E., Klimov O.


1. 2001 - 2002 - Leningrad oblast (Naryshkin S.) – representative of the Interreg IIIB in the SC

- St. Petersburg (Avdeev K.) - representative of the Interreg IIIB Programme in MC

2002 - 2003 - Karelia

- Arhangelsk

2003 - 2004 - Pskov

- Novgorod

Co-chairmen agree among themselves, who of them and in what committee of the Interreg IIIB Programme will represent RNSC.

2. In order to maintain continuity it is useful to place materials of discussions and meetings decisions of SC and MC on the website, concerning comments of the committees members being placed at once after meetings of SC and MC. Responsible persons – co-chairmen and executive secretary.

Item 2


Belova E.G..: demonstration of the website, its structure, information on the plans of its development. She has offered that regions should present suggestions on the site perfection.

Naryshkin S.: necessity of solving the problem of co-financing works on support and development of the site by regions - participants. Executive secretary is to prepare the budget of the site

Karelina I.: some steps on search of financing are undertaken. In a near future a small financing by Interreg will be received. The project idea of "East - West Forum on spatial planning and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region " is prepared. The request concerning RNSC members: please think of possible regions to participate in the project as members.

Shljamin V.: In 2002 RNSK should prepare proposals on participation in the program " Northern Dimension ", within the framework of this program it is necessary to agree upon principles of spatial development. Yet there hasn’t been formed scientific-grounded position of Russia (there are two parallel strategies of the North-West region development). RNSK work should be concentrated on substantial problems, we should work out a joint strategy and Russian priorities concerning North-West of Europe. In the RNSC should be included somebody from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.

It is necessary to prepare thoroughly for each session MC and SC.

Concerning the website: it should be necessary supplemented with analytical materials

Karelina I.: proposal – RNSK could undertake organization of the corresponding part of a conference on spatial development and planning, presupposed to be held in March - April 2002 – to be the first step on the way of joint strategy formulation.

Khazova E.V.: Information on the Expert Council meeting under presidency of the Plenipotentiary of RF President in Northwest federal okrug Cherkesov V.V. concerning working out uniform approaches of the Northwest to the programme “Northern Dimension” (about Mr. Yogman report, working group on preparation of the Action plan creation, section of the strategy of the Northwest region development). preparation of the Plan of actions, unit in strategy of development of NORTHWEST).

Naryshkin S.: it is necessary to involve regional experts and professionals in this work more actively. It would be desirable to become familiar with these materials.

Vasilevich A.: it is necessary to develop cooperation with federal structures. Information on the decisions accepted at the federal level should be placed on our website. It is necessary to direct the observer from RNSK to the Expert Council.

Khazova E.V: the information on the decisions of Expert Council is placed on the website of Expert Council. RNSC can become the collective member of Expert Council.

Vasilevich A.: it is necessary to apply to TACIS concerning RNSC financing.

Martynov A.: TACIS is to open its website on November, 21(presentation will take place). It is possible to make reference on RNSC website to TACIS.


1.To approve work carried out by the executive secretary and Leontief Centre on creation, support and development of RNSC website.

2.Representatives of regions - members of RNSC should prepare suggestions on co-financing works on the website. Executive secretary should prepare the draft website budget and direct it to co-chairmen.

3.Analytical materials should be placed on the website. It’s decided to suggest that RNSC members should direct analytical and discussion material to the executive secretary in order to place them on the website.

4.Executive secretary should regularly inform the members RNSC about new materials on the website by e-mail.

5.Executive secretary is to place on the website references to the sites of Expert Council under the Plenipotentiary of RF President in Northwest Federal Okrug and TACIS .

6.The members of RNSC should direct their offers on the website perfection to the Executive secretary.

7.RNSC co-chairmen are to direct their suggestions concerning search of ways of the site financing from the TACIS sources.

8. RNSC co-chairmen and executive secretary should make active work with federal bodies and, in particular, with Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russian Federation in the Northwest Federal Okrug. To consider the problem of the form of participation in work of the Expert Council under the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russian Federation in the Northwest Federal Okrug (of entry in the working group of Northern Dimension)

9. Co-chairmen and Executive secretary should prepare the proposals on RNSC participation in preparation and realization of the conference on spatial development and planning to be held by plenipotentiary representation in March - April, 2002, regarding discussion of problems of the Northwest regions cooperation concerning spatial development and planning in the Baltic Sea region and use of GIS-technologies as a measure of spatial planning.

Item 3 of the agenda

Marta Plichta has presented a range of her duties and answered questions.

Decided: RNSC members have consulted Interreg IIIB Secretariat both by means of technical structure of RNSC (with the help of Executive secretary), and directly. In case of Interreg IIIB Secretariat receiving some questions, Marta Plichta  will inform RNSC about it.