BSR INTERREG IIIB neighborhood programme


“Neighborhood Programme” (NP) concept is a part of the “Wider Europe” policy. The idea is to facilitate cooperation using Tacis and Interreg funds during the transition period (2004-2006) and lay down the background for cooperation after 2006 in the framework of EU new Neighborhood Instrument. In order to implement the NP, the existing BSR INTERREG IIIB programme will “extended” co-operation topics and adjusted implementation structure.

Introduction of the Neighborhood Programme concept would mean a single application procedure, joint selection process and approval of grants for EU and non-EU part of the project. The “NP implementation guidelines” are under preparation by the European Commission. The call for proposals in the framework of NP is expected in late 2004.

March 2005

1st call for projects: Slovenia/Hungary/Croatia

The 1st ever Neighborhood call for projects was launched by the Slovenia/Hungary/ Croatia programme on 17 December 2004.  The overall objective of the programme is to promote the development of the trilateral border region.  This objective is to be achieved through the improvement of the competitiveness of the region within the European context, sustainable enhancement of the residents’ living conditions and assistance in overcoming regional development disadvantages caused by separation through national borders.

The deadline for submitting project proposals is 1 March 2005. During the application period, workshops are organized where application conditions are being explained in detail and assistance with partner search and project development is being provided. Workshop schedules are available on the following web sites: (SI), (HU),

The Steering Committee will take decisions on the projects to be funded in May.

Spring of 2004

RNSC Task Force meetings

The Task Force of RNSC committee, created for preparation of proposals for submitting to the Interreg III B NP program document, has been holding a number of meetings since March. The document of Starting Points elaborated by RNSC Task Force members was sent to BSR IR IIIB MC members and Joint Secretariat for discussion on further amendments to CIP/NP from Russian Perspective within the Task Force meeting held on 9-10 March of 2004.

Recent meeting of RNSC Task Force was held on 15 April 2004 in St.Petersburg. Within the meeting Proposal on Tacis Funding, was elaborated by Task Force members. It was sent to BSR IR IIIB authorities and disseminated among RNSC members.

March of 2004

BSR IR IIIB/Neighborhood Programme:

Monitoring Committee Task Force for amending the Community Initiative Programme) and Steering Committee Task Force for Programme Strategy

The Task Force for amending the main programme reference document Community Initiative Programme (CIP) met in Rostock on 9-10 March to discuss the position paper of the Commission and necessary changes in the BSR INTERREG III B Neighborhood Programme.

On 11-12-March the BSR IR IIIB Steering Committee Task Force for Programme Strategy met in Berlin to discuss changes in the strategic focus of the Baltic Sea Region INTERREG III B Neighbourhood Programme.


The meetings of BSR Interreg Steering (meeting report of Russian representative V.Skorohodov) and Monitoring Committees took place in January-February of 2004. Within the meetings the Russian side has raised a question about creating a Task Force for preparing proposals for submitting changes to the Interreg III B program document  under conditions of transition to the Neighborhood Programmes.

The RNSC committee, as the main labour body of Russian regions in the framework of Interreg III B Programme under coordinating role of Committee for Economic Development has on the fly created "micro" Task Force for preparation of proposals for submitting to the Interreg III B program document.

Micro Task Force members :

  • I.À. Medvedeva - Head of International Technical Assistance Section, Department of Economic Development programmes and Co-operation with International Financial Institutions, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation,

  • G.Ì.Psarev – Head of Department of Cooperation with European Union and International Business Associations, Committee for External Contacts? Government of Saint-Petersburg,

  • Zh.V.AlexandrovaDeputy Head of Committee for Committee for External Economic Activity and International Contacts, Government of Leningrad oblast,

  • L.S.Gorelikova – Committee for External Economic Activity and International Contacts, Government of Leningrad oblast,

  • V.À.Skorohodov – Head of Tacis Local Office in St.Petersburg,

  • I.À.Karelina – RNSC Responsible Secretary,

  • Å.G.Belova- Academic Secretary of ICSER «Leontief Centre»

September 2003

Meeting of the Joint Programming for elaboration of the cross border priorities (WS BSR IIIA Estonia – Latvia - Russia). The Good-Neighborliness Program for the years of 2004-2006.

The meeting of the Joint Programming for elaboration of the cross border priorities (WS BSR IIIA Estonia – Latvia - Russia) took place on September 4-5, 2003 in Riga (Latvia). The members of BSR Interreg IIIB Russian National Sub-committee, Pskov region representatives: Mr. V.V.Petruhin, Chairman of State-legal Committee, Deputy Head of Board of Administration of Pskov oblast and Mr. A.A.Balandin, Consultant of Committee for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Administration of Pskov oblast participated in the meeting. As a result the Joint Programming document had been amended.

September 2003

New Neighborhood Programmes

On July 1 2003 the European Commission proposed significant steps to boost cooperation with new neighbours of the enlarged EU. The plan for 2004 – 2006 would improve partnerships at the external borders with Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, as well as with Balkan countries and in the Mediterranean after enlargement. Here please find the European Commission press-release for the New Neighborhood Programmes.

The document "Paving the way for a New Neighbourhood Instrument" prepared by the EC and distributed to RNSC members in early August of 2003.

It has four key objectives:

  • promoting economic and social development in the border areas;

  • working together to address common challenges, in fields such as environment, public health and fight against organized crime;

  • ensure efficient and secure borders;

  • promoting local, people-to-people partnerships.

On 25-26 September of 2003 the New Neighborhood Programmes presentation was made in Moscow. This meeting was organized for the Russian national and regional authorities - partners for cross-border cooperation, INTERREG Secretariat and Tacis representatives and gathered 53 participants including 7 RNSC members and observes.