Approved Interreg III B projects with Russian participation,  which have Internet-pages

 Name of the project  




Problem to be addressed

 Expected outcome

 Approximate total project budget  ERDF + Norwegian National contribution
South Baltic Arc Germany, Russia, Latvia, Poland (regional development agencies, ministries, municipalities, regional authorities) Low growth dynamics caused by insufficient pan-regional cooperation and joint development action in the coastal regions in the south-eastern BSR

Ø Harmonised regional development concepts and strategies

Ø Recommendations for methodology for infrastructure planning

Ø Ready-to-implement regional development measures for infrastructure improvement

EUR 1,708,225 EUR 587,418
VBNDZ - Via Baltica Nordica Development Zone Finland, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (national & regional auth., municipalities, ministries, associations, univ., found.) Negative impact of development trends on socio-economic and environmental aspects. Low level of awareness of zone's own identity. Various stages of development of the regions in the zone Ø Increased awareness, stronger identity and co-operation in the VBNDZ

Ø Information and guidance systems for tourism and railway traffic

Ø Multimodal transport solutions for easy and safe travelling

Ø Sustainable management and development of tourism attractions

Ø Information and planning systems, and methodologies for GIS/Internet systems
EUR 4,434,100 EUR 2,077,297
The Baltic Palette II Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Russia (regional and local authorities, research institutes, water protection associations) Differences in the development levels of the EU countries and non-EU countries, unsustainable spatial structures, inefficient transport and communication systems, unbalanced settlement  Ø Strengthened position of the Baltic Palette Region in the EU and globally

Ø Introduction of non-EU members to EU standards and policies

Ø Increased ability to plan sustainable polycentric spatial structures

Ø Strategies for implementing transport corridor networks

Ø Network of water quality protection organisations in the Baltic Palette Region

Ø Market analysis and product development for tourism structures, urban sprawl and sea water pollution

EUR 2,233,350 EUR 929,700
Seagull – DevERB

Denmark,Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (regional authorities, municipalities, associations, public corporations, universities, private companies) 


Disparities between the member regions; social, economic and environmental cohesion within the EuroRegion Baltic (ERB) Ø Joint Transnational Development Programme (JTDP) setting long-term strategy for the development of the ERB

Ø Development programmes for rural areas in the ERB

Ø Statistics and GIS support, seminars and workshops on Good Governance, tools for regional development programming and planning, tools for measuring environmental sustainability, etc.

EUR 3,230,905 EUR 1,300,440
Bothnian Arc – ACTion Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia (municipalities, regional authorities, universities, research institutions) Weak region's tourism profile and competence. Low region's recognition Ø Plans for development of tourism infrastructure

Ø Marketing strategy for a new tourism concept "Arctic coastal and archipelago tourism"

Ø Platform for using mobile IT in tourism & indicators to measure sustainable tourism

Ø Increased recognition of Bothnian Arc

Ø Concrete plans for networks of tourist routes, cycle trails, ice roads and snowmobile trails linking centers in the region

EUR 1,350,444 EUR 644,956
PIPE – Particip. Identity Planning Entrepre Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia (county councils, municipalities)   Marginalisation of regions situated in peripheral areas. Low entrepreneurial and community spirit among the inhabitants Ø Promotion of young entrepreneurs

Ø Conferences, workshops, innovation camps for young people, teachers and officials

Ø Involvement of young people in regional decision-making

Ø Strengthened regional identity for international competitiveness

Ø Creation and implementation of local action plans in all case areas

EUR 2,106,810 EUR 912,000
MECIBS - Medium Sized Cities in Dialogue Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (research institutions, universities, municipalities, chamber of commerce)  

Unbalanced spatial development of medium sized cities that lag behind the capitals and suffer from restructuring of their basic urban functions

Ø Network of cities with a potential for learning by exchange of experience

Ø Recommendations on local strategies and regional policies (national/EU)

Ø Conferences facilitated by researchers and consultants

Ø A number of urban biographies of medium sized cities outside the national core areas

EUR 2,940,748 EUR 1,580,374

SEBTrans-Link Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (county councils, municipalities, national boards of transport)   Underdevelopment of SEBTrans transport corridor, with focus on the North-South corridors. Bottlenecks in transportation systems Ø Intermodal break-point system

Ø Preparation of investments, e.g. missing links along the corridor

Ø Expansion of labour markets across the borders

Ø Stimulation of business development

Ø Actions to improve accessibility in the road-, rail and sea transport networks

Ø Promotion of the development of sustainable transport systems

EUR 2,260,200 EUR 935,100

RANE - Rock Art in Northern Europe Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia (regional & national authorities, museums, municipalities, associations, universities, foundations)   Rock Art threatened by the modern way of life Ø An information programme to increase awareness of Rock Art (Internet, TV, DVD, guide-book, pre-studies, information centers)

Ø Damage and environment monitoring programme

Ø Tools and programmes for sustainable management of Rock Art

Ø Ground for and elements of tourism infrastructure

Ø Increased sustainable cultural tourism

Ø Documentation programme (e.g. photos, descriptions)

EUR 3,999,720 EUR 1,599,888
BSVC - Baltic Sea Virtual Campus

Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (universities, regional authorities, companies, chambers of commerce, associations, research institutions)


Need for lifelong academic education and professional training for the whole workforce in the BSR to keep up with fast-changing knowledge-driven economy

Ø Unified Systems Platform - technical e-learning platform

Ø Academic Structure - "Baltic Sea Virtual Campus" consortium, setup of common study fields

Ø Dissemination, among universities in the BSR, of the knowledge how to run academic on-line education and to develop new academic e-learning content

Ø On-line Master degree programme "Transregional management"

EUR 3,349,000 EUR 1,424,500
Eco Forum Baltica Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (regional authority, research institutions, universities, national authorities, municipalities, associations, ministries)   Development and know-how on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in companies (mainly SMEs) and authorities Ø Tools for transfer of know-how on EMS/Waste management (handbook, website, study visits)

Ø EMAS/EMS bodies in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Poland

Ø Generation of EUR 3 million investments

Ø Network for co-operation of environmental managers

EUR 1,060,000 EUR 380,000
Metropolitan Areas+ Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (national public authorities, regional public authorities, local public authorities) Imbalance in growing capital regions between metropolises and outskirts Ø professional- and action-related transn. network for horizontal and vertical transfer of know-how & best practices of running spatial development tasks on national level

Ø definition of investor’s criteria for allocation and polycentric marketing of functional nodes and cores for transnational importance

Ø strategic action plan of political level for transnational and regional co-operation between metropolises and outskirts with thematic focus

EUR 1,938,618 EUR 922,500
STBR - sustainable transport in the Barents Region

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia (national public authorities, regional public authorities, local public authorities)  


Inadequate transport system in the Barents Region Ø database for the transport network, services and improvement needs in the Barents Region

Ø traffic forecasts analysis for the region (regional trends of transport, as well as social and economic development)

Ø single transport system, which covers the entire Region in a balanced way

Ø permanently strengthened interregional and cross-sectoral co-operation

Ø a follow-up mechanism to ensure implementation of national programs in a proper way even after the completion of the STBR

EUR 2,572,070 EUR 1,419,763


Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia (national, regional & local public auth., limited companies, co-operative associations)  


Need for sustainable transport concepts in the Southern BSR (S-BSR) to meet the challenge of the progressing European integration Ø position paper to clarify the future Gateway role of the S-BSR in European context

Ø transnational view on a revised TEN/TINA/PETN network

Ø comprehensive plan for a primary transport network for S-BSR to develop more sustainable freight transport, including short-sea shipping links and main hubs

Ø investment plans (rail link in Skåne, ferry link Gedser-Rostock, a part of the E22)

Ø practical examples of how to use IT to improve efficiency and safety in the transport system

EUR 2,741,600 EUR 1,140,500
Big Lakes II Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia (regional public authorities, local public authorities, public corporations, co-operative associations, registered associations, foundations, public universities) Slow development of the Big Lakes regions (comparing to the metropolitan areas) Ø Identification and report of cultural and natural heritage objects/factors in the Big Lakes areas for nature protection and sustainability

Ø Big Lakes C&N heritage strategy as a tool for spatial planning and regional development

Ø several small-scale infrastructure investments for future development

Ø Big Lakes network, information dissemination by new mobile technology

Ø new products for tourism attractiveness

EUR 2,050,533 EUR 895,554
Advantage Hardwood Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (national and regional public authorities, public institutes)   Inadequate structure for joint environmental actions and efficient co-operation between forestry owners, regional authorities and the hardwood industry Ø defined environmental benefits of planting broad-leaved trees and use of hardwood

Ø concepts for sustainable management broad-leaved trees and its integration in a regional spatial planning perspective

Ø training programs, pilot projects (e.g. establishment of forest paths)

Ø established strategic alliances between hardwood producers

Ø planning models based on ESDP adapted for regional use and rural development

EUR 2,220,910 EUR 831,705
BERNET Integrated Management of Catchments Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Russia (regional public authorities, local public authorities)  The need for improvement of the overall water quality of the Baltic Sea through a comprehensive planning and management of entire catchments – as also required in the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) Ø developing Water District Plans for selected catchments according to the WFD

Ø preparing the implementation of the WFD

Ø developing tools and testing the EU “ecological” guidelines

Ø disseminating the results of the pilot implementation

Ø platform for future co-operation on sustainable management of the aquatic enviroment

EUR 1,463,450 EUR 617,675

Baltic University Urban Forum

Germany, Finland, Sweden, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia (regional & local public authorities, public corporations, registered associations, public universities)  

Increased demand for better housing and living conditions. Need for actions that require implementation of sustainable development strategies for building and rebuilding cities in the BSR Ø network between cities, towns, and universities for sustainable urban development

Ø demonstration projects on sustainability techniques

Ø specialists reports

Ø number of professionals with improved professional competence in dealing with sustainability issues in their cities

EUR 1,610,000 EUR 450,000
EUROBALTIC Programme for Civil Protection Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, public corporations, registered associations, foundations, public universities)   Need to improve the mechanisms and institutions to deal with various environmental risks as well as natural and man-caused/technical disasters, which endanger both safety of citizens and basic functions of societies Ø assessment and mapping of risks for preventive strategies in spatial planning

Ø improved policies for the involvement of citizens in risk management

Ø transnational, cross-sectoral and multi-level cooperation between authorities

Ø compatible IT support systems in the BSR

Ø transnational training programme in the field of civil protection

EUR 1,540,895 EUR 442,250
Barents 2010

Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia (national public authorities, regional public authorities, public corporations, public universities)

Out migration of the young people from the region Ø Long term Strategy and Action Plan for the Barents co-operation

Ø Analysis of specific problems for the development

Ø proposals for improvement of water quality and biodiversity

Ø Internet based information system

EUR 2,050,000 EUR 1,183,000
North East Cargo Link Finland,Sweden,Norway,Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, limited companies, cooperative associations, registered associations, public universities )  

High traffic congestion in the southern part of the Baltic Sea Ø strategy for Intermodality in the Mid-Nordic Corridor

Ø Development of alternative traffic corridor from Russia to UK/Continent through the Mid-Nordic Countries

Ø Internet portal for freight and business

Ø market and goods flow studies

EUR 2,705,198 EUR 1,695,091
INTRASEA Germany, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, public corporations, limited companies, co-operative associations, registered associations, public universities) Inability of the transport system to cope with the expected substantial increase in traffic volumes in the Baltic Sea Region Ø Common strategy in the BSR for inland waterway development

Ø Database on inland waterways and routes

Ø Socio economic and environmental justification of Inland Waterway Infrastructure development

Ø Studies (on: modal shift to inland navigation, environment, tourism development)

EUR 1,036,200 EUR 544, 050
ProMidNord Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, public corporations, limited companies, public university, registered associations) The difficulties of business development in the Northern regions of low population density Ø Joint strategy for the macro-region

Ø A network of the major cities

Ø Increased cooperation and business within environmental and energy fields

Ø Research school and student exchange program

Ø Increased understanding of the cultural identity and heritage

EUR 3,461,526 EUR 2,267,527
COASTMAN Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia (public universities, national, regional and local public authorities, foundation) The conflicting interests and goals as well as environmental pollution in the Baltic Sea zones (e.g. concerning oil transports) Ø A set of recommended methods and guidelines for conflict resolution in coastal zone management (CZM)

Ø A web based course on conflict resolution in CZM

Ø Improved practical skills for the stakeholders in methods for conflict resolution

Ø Information exchange platform on the web

Ø Published handbook on conflict resolution

EUR 1,497,000 EUR 602,500


Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Sweden (national and local public authorities, limited companies, registered association, public corporations, co-operative associations, public universities)  

The physical and communication barriers and bottlenecks concerning Baltic Sea transport routes Ø New standardized ICT architecture for transport and logistics

Ø Telematic supported solutions for new processes and procedures on safety and

security in ports and supply chains

Ø Innovative maritime transport corridor concepts and strategies

EUR 1,824,000 EUR 1,011,000
Baltic Cruise Project 2004-2007

Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, foundation, limited companies, public corporations)  

Uneven quality level, the lack of cooperation and coordination as well as the lack of clear brand standing in BSR as an international cruise destination Ø Integration of cruise sector in spatial development strategies

Ø Common cruise standards for ports

Ø Plans for infrastructure investments

Ø Common brand for BSR cruise destinations

Ø Common promotion channel for cruise cities of the BSR

EUR 1,134,000 EUR 671,000
InLoC Finland, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, public universities, public corporations, co-operative association, registered associations, limited companies, private university)  The need for more integrated and sustainable transport and communication links Ø Improved co-operation of ports, logistics centers and other actors in logistic chains

Ø Improved port-hinterland connections based on dry port concept

Ø Better marketing of the logistics centers

Ø Better integration of logistics aspects in spatial planning processes

Ø ICT-solutions for transport and logistics networks

EUR 1,867,600 EUR 1,023,825
BSR EAGLE Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, public universities, cooperative association, registered associations, limited companies, public corporations, foundations)   The lack of understanding of ecological processes and sustainable development Ø A Nature Centre Strategy for BSR

Ø New methods of planning, implementation and co-operation concerning nature centres, environmental interpretation and training

Ø National and BSR networks between nature centres and environmental interpreters

Ø Training programs for environmental interpreters

EUR 3,273,886 EUR 1,889,920

FEM Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Belarus (national, regional and local public authorities, registered associations, public corporations, foundation, public university, co-operative association)   The structural disadvantages for setting up of business by women Ø Improved infrastructure and partnership towards promoting women entrepreneurship and the role of women in regional development

Ø A network of advisors and training programs for advisors

Ø Best practices in mentorship

Ø New models of practical internationalisation

EUR 2,174,840 EUR 1,356,733
BSB Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Russia (regional and local public authorities, public universities, NGOs and public associations)   Unnecessary oil spills from motor boats, waste disposal from fishing and leisure craft boats, marine litter and poorly-educated personnel in marinas/guest harbours Ø Network of ecologically friendly marinas and their users

Ø Raising awareness: new study courses for regional fishermen/seamen on marine awareness/pollution issues; broad involvement of media

Ø Pilot studies on boat washes and bio fuel to improve marina’s infrastructure

EUR 2,724,504 EUR 1,490,703
BaltMetInno Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Sweden and Russia (municipalities, cities, development agencies, knowledge and technology transfer institutions)   The challenge to unlock unused potentials in innovation creation and business development combined with the threat of imbalances through concentration of wealth and population in metropolitan regions triggers the need to relate innovation and spatial policies in a transnational perspective Ø metropolitan innovation strategies integrating urban policy and spatial development issues

Ø selected metropolises' marketing strategies

Ø development concepts for transnationally complementary economic clusters

Ø joint innovation policy framework

EUR 2,651,244 EUR 1,612,354
Baltic Tangent Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland and Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, public associations, research organisations) Remote location of the area concerned to main traffic arteries and centres of economic development Ø Pre-conditions and options for the development of the area as a secondary transport network

Ø transnational transport infrastructure strategy

Ø partnership and an activity plan for effective implementation of the results

EUR 2,077,300 EUR 1,207,45 0
BBDN Germany, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia (universities, science parks, chambers of commerce)   The underdeveloped SME sector in the BSR among new EU countries and in certain regions of old EU members Ø Virtual Baltic Development Agency based on an IT-supported functional network between business schools, RDAs and SMEs

Ø Regional access points, which offer full services to the SME's

Ø Common BSR-standards for business plans

Ø Course ”Business Guide to the Baltic Sea Region” about the BSR focusing on the 9 partner markets

Ø A comparative research study and new proposals about the further dev of BBDN

EUR 2,000,000 EUR 1,237,500
B-SME Germany, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia (national, regional and local public authorities, chamber of commerce)   Weak SME support networks in BSR Ø A sustainable network of regional development authorities, chambers and other intermediaries who jointly develop regional enterprise policy and deliver enterprise advisory services for the BSR

Ø A specific Baltic training programmes

EUR 3,008,000 EUR 2,014,500