NGO "Lake Peipsi Project"

NGO "Lake Peipsi Project" LPP - regional non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered in Pskov in 1997.

Mission of LPP - to promote implementation of sustainable development principles in Lake Peipsi basin - Russian-Estonian border region, paying special attention to the social factor.

Goals of LPP:

to promote:

  • development of mutual understanding and cooperation between the communities on both sides of the border; between the authorities and local people, as well as between different governmental levels of Estonian and Russian border districts.
  • public involvement into the decision-making process and strengthening NGO's role.
  • improvement of environmental quality of Lake Peipsi catchment area and environmental information distribution among people.
  • help in preservation of cultural and natural heritage of the region.

LPP supports local initiatives by organizing public centers, helping NGOs, developing communication infrastructure on the local level, for in the future, local NGOs could act independently.

LPP works at promoting development of cooperation between municipalities, NGOs, research and educational institutions of Russian-Estonian border zone.

LPP is also a regional research center, which conducts expert judgements, informs international organizations of environmental management, social, economic and cultural development in transboundary context.

Financial support of LPP is carried out from grant resources.

Results of work:

1. Environment

  • Conducting monitoring of Lake Peipsi
  • Developing projects aimed to improve the environmental situation in Pskov region districts

2. Work with local authorities

  • Conducting Russian-Estonian-Danish joint project on training representatives of the local authorities in project writing
  • Development of Agenda 21 in cooperation with representatives of Kingisepp and Ivangorod

3. Education projects

  • Participation in organizing the annual children's contest of art works "World of Water through the Eyes of Children"
  • Participation in Russian-Estonian joint project on border schools exchange in Pechory district (Russia) and Värska county (Estonia).

4. Society

  • Conducting sociological studies in border districts of Russia and Estonia.