Developing Architectural-Ethnographic museum of the Vologda Oblast (Semyonkovo Village)

Project title Developing Architectural-Ethnographic museum of the Vologda Oblast (Semyonkovo Village)

Promotion of territorial structures supporting sustainable BSR development (cultural and natural heritage)

Lead applicant Vologda Oblast Government
Contact person Alexey V. Povolotski
Address 2 Gertsen St., Vologda, 160035, Russia
Phone +78172723170
Fax +7 8172 769619
Project description

The Vologda Architectural Ethnographic Museum gives a comprehensive review of the cultural and historical background of the century-old city of Vologda and the whole Russian North. Among the many cities of Russia's provinces, few have greater natural beauty than Vologda with its historic centre, marked by cathedrals, parish churches and architectural ensembles.

Museum's location 12 km away from the city of Vologda, on a major route Vologda-K-irillov, provides a perfect opportunity for attracting tourists and making it a wonderful place of recreation. The museum was set up more than a decade ago by collecting and allocating on its territory various specimens of wooden peasant architecture of the Russian North, as well as other things reflecting the atmosphere of the Russian North in the 19th - early 20th centuries (handicraft, traditional art samples, clothes, etc.). The museum also provides a number of festivals and exhibitions devoted to numerous spheres of culture, history and ethnography. Although these tasks find full support among the population and authorities the museum desperately needs additional funds for technical equipment and collecting its own library of ethnographic, cultural and environmental character. Additionally, joining the possible network of museums and successful co­operation with domestic and foreign partners would be much favoured.

Project duration 1-2 years
Project objective

The main objective of the museum is making it a tourist, recreational, cultural and educational centre, one of the most influential means of preserving and developing cultural and historical heritage of the Vologda Oblast and the whole Russian North.

Expected benefits

Museum's own concept of self-reorganization and rearranging implies significant transition from being a museum of traditional wooden architecture of a northern village to elaborated cultural complex intended to reflect not only wooden architecture specific character, but also ethnography and culture of the Russian North, its agricultural and handicraft uniqueness, as well as religious orthodox and ancient traditions. All that will promote attracting more tourists to our unique architectural pearls.

Expected approximate expenses