Friday, 20th December 2002





NEW call for proposals launched by the European Union to fund Cross Border Cooperation projects
totalling 6.7 million


The European Commissions Tacis Cross Border Cooperation Programme launched today a new call for proposals for its small and micro project facilities (SPF and MPF) with a deadline for submissions of 21st March 2003. The Call invites local and regional authorities in border regions in Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine to submit proposals for funding in partnership with neighbouring countries in central Europe and European Union member states. Up to 200,000 per project is available over 18 months, representing 80% of total project funding.

The Programme, launched in 1996, supports joint actions and initiatives on the borders between Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine with their central European neighbours and the European Union and supports closer co-operation and integration at local cross border level by means of grant financing.

Projects focus on the priority sectors of local economic development, environment and energy efficiency, administrative reform and social affairs and comprise, among other elements, training, transfer of know-how, research, exchange of experience, capacity building and the development of best practise.


The main aims of the programme are to:

  • Have a positive impact on living standards in the border regions of Belarus, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine

  • Foster co-operation between regions and local authorities in the border regions and the European Union, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania

  • Support projects addressing a common problem on both sides of the border

For more information, including the application form and comprehensive guidelines on eligibility and how to prepare a proposal, visit the website of the Tacis Small Project Facility given below, or contact the EuropeAid Co-operation Office on

Fax: (+32 2) 299 47 01, E-mail: