RNSC activities in the framework of Partner Search Forum (PSF)

Preparatory process

  • Analyzing and translating appropriate documents, including documents from the web-site

  • Providing North-West Russian regions with the information about PSF details and procedures

  • Rendering of assistance in establishing contacts between North-West Russia regions and BSR INTERREG III B Secretariat (collection of the requests of regions about the Forum, forming relevant requests to Secretariat, receiving the information and sending it to regions)

  • Working with North-West Russia regions: consultating regional administration in preparing project ideas, collecting project ideas from regions and providing with it Interreg Secretariat

Follow up activities

  • Analyzing Project Ideas Catalog with the aim to identify potential project partners taking into account strategic interest of North-West of Russia

  • Establishing contacts and initiating correspondence between potential partners from EU, candidate countries and North-West Russia Regions

  • Web-publishing project ideas on RNSC web-site for further promotion

Partner Search Forum 1 (October 25, 2001 in Riga)

3 project ideas  presented by Russian Regions


Partner Search Forum 2 (June 7 - 8, 2002 in Tromso)

23 project ideas  presented by Russian Regions
19 Russian participants

Visual minutes


Partner Search Forums 3 (June 15-17, 2003 in Gdansk, Poland)

Partner Search Forum (3) focused on polycentric settlement structures (measure 2.1), transport and communication (ICT) (measure 2.2) and institution and capacity building (priority 3) was held on June 15-17, 2003  in Gdansk (Poland).

Interested project owners were invited to present their project ideas related to the thematic fields mentioned above. Out of 45 Project Ideas interactively submitted to the Joint Secretariat, a Project Idea Catalogue was produced for dissemination among participants.

Some of the presentations and speeches presented at the Partner Search Forum 3 in Gdansk:

For more information on the Third Partner Search Forum please go:  at Partner Search Forums section.


Partner Search Forum 4

The Fourth Partner Search Forum was organized on the 23-24 May 2005 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The purpose of the Partner Search Forum was to encourage the prospective partners to present their ideas and find partners for the cooperation in the field of spatial planning and regional development issues.

The Forum was focused on the Priority 2 for promotion of territorial structures supporting sustainable development and on the programmes Priority 3 for transnational and bilateral cooperation on institutional and capacity building.

Forum organizers: BSR INTERREG III B Joint Secretariat and the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Lithuania.

Main documents:

- Programme

- List of Participants

- Announcement

- Project Idea Catalogue

- Report from the Forum



1. Institution and Capacity Building (Sławomir Demkowicz-Dobrzański)

2. Financing INTERREG III B NP / TACIS Component (Dzmitry Korbut)

3. Introduction to the workshops (Vineta Grieķere)

4. Major drawbacks in the submitted project proposals (Wiktor Szydarowski)

5. Management of natural resources (Rūta Gruzdyte)

6. Polycentric settlement structures (Odd Godal)

7. Project budget and major financial shortcomings (Rostislav Zatloukal)

8. Experiences of leading and participating in projects (Kyrre Dahl Jan Martinsson)

9. Transport and Communications (Bogdan Ołdakowski)

10. Updated Strategy for the remaining Programme implementation period estimation of funds available in the programme & thematic priorities (Wiktor Szydarowski)


You could find more information on the BSR INTERREG III B site at Partner Search Forums Section