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on the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013
Russian National Sub-committee
(Has been approved at the RNSC Meeting, Saint-Petersburg, 15-th April, 2008.)


I. Status

Russian national sub-committee is the consultative body.

It has the following tasks:

  1. To provide North-West of Russia with information about the Programme  and its implementation;

  2. Assistance in project ideas development for realization of Russian North-West co-operation in the frames of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013;

  3. Consideration of generated project ideas and project applications taking into account strategic goals of North-West of Russia;

  4. Preparation of recommendations for the members of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 Monitoring Committee on the support of project applications;

  5. Monitoring of projects (with the participation of Russian partners) implementation under the Baltic Sea Region Programme  2007–2013;

  6. Taking part in consideration and discussion of different options of projects funding (funding from different sources);

  7. Co-operation with the Managing Authority/ the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 Joint Secretariat on such matters as: project ideas formation, search for funding of Russian participation, project partners search, monitoring of projects implementation, getting the information concerning call for proposals, applicant’s package, submission results etc from the Secretariat. Transfer of information concerning results of co-operation with the Secretariat to regions of Russian North-West.

  8. Co-operation with the Committee of Spatial Development in the Baltic Sea Region VASAB 2010, the network of EU-Russia Cooperation Programme Local Support Offices, which are operating within the territory of Russian North-West, and other appropriate bodies.

II. Authorities

Decisions reached by the Russian national sub-committee are of recommendation nature.

Members of RNSC have the right to be acquainted with different kinds of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 initiatives (project ideas, partners proposals for co-operation etc) beforehand.


III. Regulations for organization of activity

1) Russian national sub-committee shall meet at least twice a year. As a rule, sub-committee meets several days before the meeting of Monitoring Committee for the discussion of applications with participation of partners from Russia and elaboration of the recommendations for the Monitoring Committee of their approval/ disapproval.

2) Decision-making in RNSC will be in the presence of the quorum (50 % from the membership of regions) by a majority.

In consideration of the questions concerning approval/ disapproval of project applications the consensus principle in decision-making could be used.

It is possible to use e-mail and facsimile connection in case of the necessity to take urgent decisions and impossibility to arrange meeting (chairman requests the Secretariat of sub-committee in sending all necessary information and providing its members with communication platform for decision making). In this case decision making procedure must not last more than one week.

Only permanent members of Russian national sub-committee have the right of voting (1 region – 1 voice). Observers have only right of deliberative vote.

RNSC may invite other advisors and interested actors for some concrete problems discussion.


IY. Membership of the Russian national sub-committee

RNSC is composed of:

Permanent members:

Representatives of North-West regions of Russia (Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk, Novgorod and Pskov oblasts, Republic of Karelia, Komi Republic, Saint-Petersburg) 2 representatives from each region (representatives of regional and municipal authorities, scientific organisations, public and NGOs, consulting companies etc);


-  Representatives of federal authorities (Ministries, dealing with international co-operation on spatial development, 3 representatives;

-  Representatives from non-commercial organisations of Russian North-West: scientific, consulting companies and NGOs, dealing with spatial planning (Centre for strategic developments "North-West", International Centre for socio-economic researches "Leontief Centre" etc.) not more then 7 representatives;

-  Network of EU-Russia Cooperation Programme Local Support Offices, which are operating within the territory of Russian North-West - 1 representative;

-  1 representative from the Association "North-West";


Y. Activity of Russian national sub-committee is led by two co-chairmen (chosen from among North-West regional administrations representatives for the 1 year period on rotation basis).


YI. The activity of co-chairmen is assisted by the responsible secretary (in case of need the Secretariat can be established), chosen from representatives of Russian national sub-committee. Responsible secretary is a permanent member of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 Monitoring Committee, providing guarantee for the continuity of RNSC representation and information support of RNSC members about the decisions of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 Monitoring Committee.


YII. Technical assistance of Russian national sub-committee activity.

Due to the territorial disconnectedness of sub-committee’s members it is reasonable to use facsimile and e-mail opportunities to get with contact with each other. The special www-site http://www.rnsc.leontief.ru/ is now being maintained for the efficient information on sub-committee’s activity of interested regional actors.


YIII. Financing

Russian nation sub-committee provides sources of financing for the following kinds of expenses:

  • travelling and accommodation expenses of the members of RNSC;

  • implementation of effective functioning of informational channels among members of sub-committee;  

  • maintain and support of the website of the Committee.