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Arkhangelsk oblast

Kaliningrad oblast

Leningrad oblast

Murmansk oblast

Pskov oblast

Republic of Karelia


Vologda oblast

Arkhangelsk oblast
1 Adult education methodological network
2 The NORD-BALT-ART regions marathon
3 Solovki Islands - the Pearl of the Northern Europe
Kaliningrad oblast
1 The Northern Dimension and Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia  
2 East West Institute's Transfrontier Cooperation Programme in Russia  
3 European Quality Centre in Kaliningrad, Russia
4 Strategy and action programme for balanced spatial development of the Kaliningrad oblast (in conjunction with a proposed Interreg IIIB project SAPPHIRE ARC - Strategy and action programme for developing a South-Baltic region)
Leningrad oblast
1 Big Lakes Ladoga and Paijanne - using natural and cultural heritage as a boost of sustainable tourism development in the big lakes network
2 Marketing strategy of Leningrad Oblast region   
3 Improvement of Management Capacity for Sustainable Development of Demonstration Cities Vyborg and Kirishi in Leningrad Region and Transfer of the Experience in the Russian Federation (Sustainable Leningrad Region Programme Phase II)
4 Development of marketing strategy, information and service support for Leningrad Oblast region, co-operating with EU countries (Acronym: "Oblast Marketing")
Murmansk oblast
1 Projects which are in the stage of preparation for March 2002 TACIS CBC submission
Pskov oblast
1 Agencies of regional development of the Pskov region
Republic of Karelia
1 Development of spatial planning along the "Blue Road" international tourist route 
2 Developing the international cultural tourism route "Northern Lights" – Karelian White Sea area 
3 Development of Tourism and Regional Planning in Lake Ladoga - Lake Saimaa District
4 Conservation of biological diversity in agricultural lands in Republic of Karelia
5 Digital Karelia: corporate information system as the basis for implementation and promotion of cross-border socio-economic integration between Finland and Karelia
6 Centers of civic rights education and self-government development in Republic of Karelia, based on the rural libraries as the democratic foundation of sustainable development
7 Co-operation between local and regional authorities and science as a tool for ecologically sustainable development in the Republic of Karelia
Proposals for Tacis CBC with participation of Karelian Research Centre:
8 Tourism Development of Suojarvi District
9 Tourism Development in Muezersky District
10 Best available combination of land use and natural resources in pilot area in Olonets District, Republic of Karelia
11 Spatial Development Cooperation (Kaspnet2 – Karelian-Atlantic Spatial Net)
12 Utilization and reuse of rural wastes in Pryazhinsky District
1 Creation a Modelling Control System Household and Industrial Wastes in the Frontier Zone Russia - European Union
2 Support and Development of the Sphere of Vernacular Arts and Crafts (FAC) 
3 Increasing Effectiveness of Territorial Strategic Planning 
4 East-West Spatial Planning Forum for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region 
5 Improvement of ecology safety of Baltic Sea
6 Information Exchange Channel of the City of St.-Petersburg 
7 Green wave
8 World Through Child’s Eyes
9 Good Governance in Baltic Sea Region
10 Developmant of ombudsman institute in Russian Baltic regions 
11 Open budget: improving budget transparency and public participation in regions of Russia and Baltic States
12 On-Line Market Place
13 West Wind Highway (an inter-regional business and tourism development network formed by participated regions)
14 Support on Environmental Issues for Kronstadt Administration (environmental cooperation between participated regions)
15 The Open International University of the Independent Expertise of Quality of Education in the Network of Scientific and Cultural Centers of the Baltic Sea Region Countries (project of the Association of the Independent Expertise of High School of Saint-Petersburg)
16 Reconstruction of Saint-Petersburg Tsar road
17 East-West Spatial Planning Forum for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region (Application to Tacis Cross-Border Co-operation Micro Project Facility will be submitted 15.03.2002)
18 The Baltic Palette II
19 ECOTECH-2 - co-operating in environmental R&D in SME-field
20 Development of better integrated cooperation of tourism and transport sectors of the BSR states
21 East-West Spatial Planning Forum for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region
22 Unified standard for spatial planning information system
Vologda oblast
1 Vologda Architectural-Ethnographic Museum
2 Kirillov Museum of Russian Fairytale 
3 Developing Architectural-Ethnographic museum of the Vologda Oblast (Semyonkovo Village)